The Ten Commandments - Prager U (DVD)

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In this visually rich eleven part presentation, noted thinker, ethicist, and popular talk show host, Dennis Prager, shows you how the Ten Commandments remain as powerful and fresh to us today as they were to our ancient ancestors. In Prager U's unique mix of animation, text and graphics, Dennis explains each commandment in just five minutes. Spend one hour with Dennis and you will know more about the Ten Commandments and have a better understanding of why they remain so much more important than you ever thought possible.
Praise for The Ten Commandments, video edition

The Ten Commandments video series gathered over 6 million views on YouTube in its first three months, making it the most widely viewed biblical commentary in the world.

“When I heard about the Ten Commandments course on DVD I knew, without even seeing it, that he would be able to impress upon the adults that I am teaching, the importance and beauty of God’s gift to us in the Ten Commandments.”

—Fr. Martin S., Prager U website

“This series clearly presents the foundation and basis of Judeo-Christian values and tradition in a very compelling format. Fulton J. Sheen would have approved.”

—Jaloy S., Prager U website

“Fantastic teachings on the ten commandments! The work you do is an oasis in the midst of a desert of deceptions and lies over the Internet.”

—Jordan R., Prager U Facebook page

“A wonderful, concise, wisdom-filled series that will benefit all who watch!”

—Marc A., Prager U Facebook page

“This Ten Commandments series is an incredible service, thank you Prager U.”

—Horatio N., YouTube

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